The Science Behind Why a Feather and a Coin Dropped in Vacuum Fall at The Same Time

That is due to one thing known as inertia. Need to know extra?

You may have possible heard of Galileo’s well-known “falling bodies” experiment. It is one of the vital well-known physics experiments on the market and consists of Galileo making an attempt to show that the speed of falling of a physique is impartial of its mass by dropping objects from the highest of the leaning tower of Pisa. 

It was maybe most famously recreated at the top of the Apollo 15 moonwalk when commander David Scott held a hammer and a feather on the lunar surface and dropped them each at the identical time. Are you aware what occurred subsequent? They hit the bottom at the identical time.

YouTuber The Motion Lab illustrates this similar precept by utilizing a vacuum chamber, a feather, and a coin. “On this video, I present you what occurs while you drop a feather and a coin in a vacuum chamber. Then I present you what occurs when you drop a golf ball and the moon on the earth at the identical time from the identical distance. I discuss inertia and how issues at all times fall at the identical acceleration it doesn’t matter what their mass is,” explains the YouTuber in his video’s about section.

Need to know precisely what inertia is? Then watch this well-done clip.

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